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People of the Woodwork

Is it right?
...does it matter?

Probably not.

It's time to let go,
and just hold on.


Dropping a "bad habit" caused hair loss...

I just figured out why my hair could take being dyed every 30 days...

I drank a lot of coffee (like, 8 cups a day), ate a ton of tuna (with heavy mayonnaise, which is eggs), preferred turkey over any other cold cut, and snacked on peanuts and dry cereal.

All of which are high sources of Niacin and Biotin.

Lately I've been having heavy hair loss. Come to find out, it's because I dropped my "bad habits." I haven't had a single cup of coffee in over 6 months, I don't eat tuna nearly as much, turkey replaced it but it's not as good as tuna+mayo, and I try to stay away from the peanuts and cereal.

Funny how that works...


Brain... fried

Lately I find myself writing here when I'm stuck.

Too much is on my plate. I'm at that crossroads again. The things that make the most money are also taking up the largest amount of my mind space... not clear enough to take on what will propel me into my future.

Too much is foggy now.

I know it will all make sense soon. I know it will all fall into place in a couple of weeks. That is my pattern... but is it a pattern I can break? I don't like this periodic limbo...


Kyle, Brian, I'm talkin' to you... mainly. But if you're reading this and you follow, can you let me know what's up?

Last night at about 2am, my 'net connection shit the bed. I figure it's no different from the 7 other times I've had this same issue since getting Charter in February, so I start the process.

You know - recycle the modem, and if that doesn't work, call Charter and wait on hold for 20 minutes so they can recycle the signal. Well, that didn't work this time.

So this tech has me go to to check on my modem's signal strength. Now, I'm also on a dynamic IP, which I think is why my connection randomly shits the bed and needs a good kick in the... signal.

Well, last night my "Receive Power Level" was pretty happy, hovering around 0 dBmV (apparently -13 to +13 is kosher). However, my "Transmit Power Level" was maxed out at 55 dBmV. Closer to 30 is definitely better. FYI, my modem is a WebSTAR DPC2100R2.

The earliest they can send a tech to check on my wires is May 1st. I don't think it's that because, without touching a thing, I am typing this right now. It's a nice gift to wake up to 'net access, let me tell you.

Currently, my "Transmit Power Level" is 49. A little earlier today it was 47.8. I have already set up to get Charter Business, which will double my 'net bill, but gives me a static IP and a static tech - one go-to guy. Which, so far I'm none too happy about because Eric seems to be clueless about this stuff.

I'm debating on whether I should go ahead as planned and trade my modem today, or buy a real modem. I'm not sure whether it's my connection speed that's the issue, which is 5M by 512K. I could upgrade to 1G by 3M at almost double the already doubled price, which might solve yet more problems... or might not.

So help me out here. What's the real problem?

I iz proud 'o meself

humorous pictures
see more crazy cat pics

It's not even the end of April yet, and I've already more than tripled what I earned in March. Of course, half of April was basically wasted in terms of earnings, and totals half of what I earned in March - or, 16% of April's earnings.

That is thanks in large part to my virtual assistant (as I tweeted earlier, if you're curious about getting a virtual assistant, check out http://tinyurl.com/5bpf2m & http://tinyurl.com/5bhk8j)

I've been working on releasing several ebooks and courses - one at a time of course - but I've been doing a lot of reading in preparation. 6 ebooks this week already... and that's on top of earning about $800 this week... all thanks to the free time afforded by having a virtual assistant.

I just can't believe how much I've gotten done. It's insanely awesome!


The Bad(?) News: I'm not working full time at NowSourcing anymore - for reasons which I cannot state due to NDA, but we're still on great terms.

The Good News: That gives me time to pursue more clients... of which I already have a few regulars.

We shall see.


Karma Pre-Pays When You Have Good (K)redit

Either that, or I have one kick ass network.

I now have 4 clients + NowSourcing, and a probono pet project. I'm not doing any marketing to get these clients. I just fuck around on Twitter and Linkedin.

Recently, for the probono pet project, I reached out to my network to see if I could get a guru in the field for the next podcast. 20 minutes and 1 email later, I had my guru.

Things are good. Yes. Things are quite good ^.^


It's a Blessing Being Busy

Writing for so many blogs has given me one definitive blessing - a lack of time.

In one of my previous posts, a commenter tried to start a flame war with me. In the past, a defamatory comment on my blog would get an instant half-assed response and rebuttal, and that flame would eventually turn into a 6,000 comment thread of cheap shots and bickering - no matter my attempts at being diplomatic.

But now that I didn't have the time to reply immediately, much less even read the comment when it cropped up, it has given me two weeks to think it over and come back with a very reasonable response - one which the commenter in question couldn't help but agree with.

Heh. I should have less time more often! ^.^


Vicious Circle

An animated exploration of the dichotomous relationship between nature and humans.


I just took a step back to look at everything I'm actually doing... and it's amazing how I'm even able to keep up.
  • Writing regularly and professionally for FIVE blogs - ComHacker, NowSourcing, and 3 client blogs. (with the help of research from my assistant)
  • Guest blogging (the newest one will be on Remarkablogger later today)
  • Maintaining and promoting 5 Twitter accounts.
  • Redesigning a website for, and collaborating with, one of my own clients.
  • Making arrangements to attend my first conference in June.
  • Managing 3 PPC campaigns. (with the help of research from my assistant)
  • Consistently performing SEO related work for several of my own and NowSourcing's clients.
  • Pitching new clients. (with the help of my assistant)
  • Pitching magazines for submissions (which are constantly being researched by my assistant)
  • Going to Toastmasters meetings.
  • Getting an agent with Monitor Talent. (it's a very interesting, but long, evaluation process)
  • And of course, the Wordpress weekly podcasts. (although there wasn't one this week since Jeff was at PodCamp)
Believe it or not, all of that is toward the same end - and I'm NOT overwhelmed! I pick and choose when I work - that, in and of itself, solves the majority of any problems that could arise.

I (very) temporarily took a pay cut leaving MasterNewMedia, because all the free time I have now lets me do everything I've always wanted - but on my terms.

It's astounding what you can do when your time is your own.