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Welcome Strangers ^.^


I'm silly at heart... and a die-hard X-Files fan =P

Welcome People Watchers, Metaphysical Practitioners,
Eclectics, Political Activists, Writers, Readers,
Creators, Theorists, and Trustworthy People with an Open Mind.

Hi - I'm Trisha. Nice to make your acquaintance =)

I'm a new media publisher. If you have no idea what that is, go ahead and poke around MasterNewMedia.org for a while.

I've recently changed the format of this journal, but if you're a friend and feel so inclined, you can add tags to my entries. If you're not a friend (yet), keep reading - and welcome!

A Hope and a Wish

The first 1:22 of a new song called A Hope and a Wish, dedicated to my daughters. You get to hear me sing, and not badly either =)


It's Official

I'm moving to Orange, CA on the 19th - but on the way, I'm visiting an old HS buddy in Florida the 17th. Of course, this means I will be at the next Resurrection, wearing the new costume.

I don't know when or even if I will be back, since Will is moving with me, and California has been my dream for so long as I can remember.

My back is feeling a bit better. Last night I developed a bit of a cough trying to get phlegm up. In the process of coughing gently so as not to aggravate my back, I developed a sore throat, and eventually couldn't stop coughing all through the night. That proved to be a good exercise for my back - I could walk first thing this morning - but my voice, on the other hand, is pretty much shot.


If I Play My Cards Right...

Every logical decision points in the same direction. Its time to take that direction.

If you need to get in touch with me, LiveJournal, MySpace, and Facebook are not the places for it. I will not check those for at least a few weeks.

I'm disappearing off the face of your known planet, and if you know the planet I am going to, then you also know how and when to reach me - and why I'm going.

For those of you that know my tendencies, and the other methods of reaching me - I beg you, don't let me go too far, because I can... all too easily.

My Bible

There's a certain kind of clarity that comes from reading Atlas Shrugged. A perfect joy from knowing one's virtue is right.


Care, Trust, and World Peace

 When you start caring about someone, it changes the whole dynamic of not just your relationship with them, but your relationship with yourself.

Let's break this down a bit. Say you care about someone. You care that they make it home safe. You care that they had a good day. You care that they smile.

You care about what they have to say. You care about their opinions. And here is the most important one - you care about their opinion of you.

Now it's interesting to note that as a child, you are taught not to care what others think of you - to do as you please, and to please yourself.

Yet that is the inverse of what happens when you care about someone else. So if we are taught to not care what others think of us, then aren't we being taught not to care about others?

You could say that is extreme - but let me assure you it is not as black and white as it may appear. Some people care more about people than others. Those that care the least about another's opinion of them, tend to care the least about people in general.

This isn't to say one overall careless person could not open their heart to a few individuals, but it would surely be more difficult than for someone more caring.

Of course, caring isn't the only factor - trust plays a very large role. In order to care about someone's opinion, you must first trust that person's judgment and ability to form a sound opinion.

An example. I was the little girl that "cared too much" about what others thought of me. I was also the one to walk up to a stranger and open a conversation. Inherently, I was very trusting and caring.

Einstein once said, "the most important question for man to answer is 'is the universe a friendly place?'" - I believe he is right.

When you believe the universe is a friendly place, you openly trust - and when you openly trust, you openly care. And that is perhaps what needs to happen in order for world peace to ever become more than an hopeless ideal.

So teach your children to care about others' opinions. Maybe then they can realize the peaceful happy world we've always wanted for our future generations.

Making Decisions Without Television

Newest video on youtube.com/mayobrains =)

(P.S. That's Jamie)


Propagating Fear

I don't know exactly when it happened, but sometime ago I decided to secede from politics. On either side of the coin, you have idiots in "independent media" that are using the very same tactics as major media outlets to spread a message.

Chew on this excerpt for just a moment:
A survey of the carnage: The Charlotte Observer will cut 123 jobs, or 11 percent of its workforce. The Miami Herald plans 250 job cuts, 17 percent of workers there. The Herald-Leader in Lexington, Ky. is dropping 17 positions. In Raleigh, N.C., the News & Observer is cutting a total of 70 jobs, 16 of them in the newsroom.
Doesn't that make you fear today's U.S. economy? Notice how he is using percentages to make it seem larger. Even if it is only on a subliminal level, these kinds of facts are going straight to your fear gland.

What if we instead looked at some historical data? I bet you would find relatively similar numbers. He does have one valid point, however:
But not all will suffer equally. As the Lexington Newspaper Guild pointedly observed, McClatchy gave CEO Gary Pruitt an $800,000 bonus last year and just hired a new corporate vice president, even as the company's stock was spiraling downward...
Nevertheless, the point of this article is to point out the necessity of independent media. Yet all of those fear-inducing numbers don't have to get brought up.

The reason is simple: corporate media is corrupt.

Now, My Aim

  • Never have my own place again. It's too hard to move out.
  • Minimize my things to that which will fit in a few bags.
  • Always have toiletries, a snack, a bottle for water, and a knife.
  • Must have: a laptop.

A Bit of Down Time

I'm currently "stuck" in Atlanta, GA with halafax. Not that I mind it at all - well, the part about being with him, at least. Atlanta just has a negative vibe. Not quite my cup of tea.

Minneapolis, on the other hand - I fell in love with the city on first sight. From the plane I saw all kinds of rivers and lakes. So watery. So beautiful.

Then once I got to the ground, it almost felt like home right away. It just felt so comfortable. Sure I still got stared at, but that happens everywhere. The looks were different though.

Curiosity, instead of scorn.

Welcome, instead of "stranger alert."

I soon came to discover that "my kind of people" are plentiful in Minneapolis. Not to mention the city is just absolutely gorgeous. The downtown is the biggest I've ever seen (mind you, I've never been to NY, NY), and the architecture is just stunning.

Housing prices are comparable to NH, downtown at least, but a little less expensive. Yes, I'm seriously considering it. Like I said, I fell in love. The air is cleaner, the city is meticulously clean, public transit is awesome, most people get around by bicycle, and everything is right there at your fingertips.

I've always thought of myself as a coastal bug, but Minneapolis changed my mind. Sure the winters are rumored to be absolutely awful, but again comparable to NH, and the summers rarely get over 90 degrees because of the lake effect.

So I've been thinking about the possibilities of that the last couple days while kicking back with halafax. It's been a nice relaxing couple of days - just what I needed. My feet are back to their normal size, and things are coming into perspective.

So what if I've got $4.42 to my name for now. That will change soon enough =)