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Care, Trust, and World Peace

 When you start caring about someone, it changes the whole dynamic of not just your relationship with them, but your relationship with yourself.

Let's break this down a bit. Say you care about someone. You care that they make it home safe. You care that they had a good day. You care that they smile.

You care about what they have to say. You care about their opinions. And here is the most important one - you care about their opinion of you.

Now it's interesting to note that as a child, you are taught not to care what others think of you - to do as you please, and to please yourself.

Yet that is the inverse of what happens when you care about someone else. So if we are taught to not care what others think of us, then aren't we being taught not to care about others?

You could say that is extreme - but let me assure you it is not as black and white as it may appear. Some people care more about people than others. Those that care the least about another's opinion of them, tend to care the least about people in general.

This isn't to say one overall careless person could not open their heart to a few individuals, but it would surely be more difficult than for someone more caring.

Of course, caring isn't the only factor - trust plays a very large role. In order to care about someone's opinion, you must first trust that person's judgment and ability to form a sound opinion.

An example. I was the little girl that "cared too much" about what others thought of me. I was also the one to walk up to a stranger and open a conversation. Inherently, I was very trusting and caring.

Einstein once said, "the most important question for man to answer is 'is the universe a friendly place?'" - I believe he is right.

When you believe the universe is a friendly place, you openly trust - and when you openly trust, you openly care. And that is perhaps what needs to happen in order for world peace to ever become more than an hopeless ideal.

So teach your children to care about others' opinions. Maybe then they can realize the peaceful happy world we've always wanted for our future generations.